Welcome Duelist from around the amazing world to........Crystal Clear Duel Academy
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 Welcome and Rules

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PostSubject: Welcome and Rules   Tue Mar 03, 2015 6:03 pm

Welcome Duelist from around the amazing world to........Crystal Clear Duel Academy
I am glad you decide to join the CCDA we all have that one deck who speaks to us but others have yet to hear there voices others were born hearing them ok. Sorry if you see alot of the color Cyan. I do have a point system set up called Duel Points this is your money here on CCDA you spend these as you like but most items will based on how you sell them or if you someone else's things. You will start off with 25 DP if you post something on topic and is not random you will receive 2 Duel Points. I have a couple of rules you must and will follow:

1.No cussing
2.No porn related stuff
3.No picking on other users
4.No spamming
5.No posting academy links (unless approved by head admin)
6.Obey staff and respect everybody
7.Have fun
8.Be active
9.Obey all the rules
10.Don't act like a Admin or Mod that is an automatic ban
11.Don't make random topics just for points

--chatbox rules--
1.No spamming
2.No cussing
3.No posting other academy links unless you want to be affiliations and if so its up to any admin
4.No bad links
5.Listen to the mods/admins
6.Be nice to everybody (its ok to joke around just don't take it to far)
7.No Roleplaying in the chatbox

If you disobey any of the rules
Twice - We give you a warning
Four times - Your banned for 4 days
Six times - Your banned for 6 days max
Eight Times - Kicked and blocked from the site
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Welcome and Rules
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